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How To String A Cord Lock
Last Updated: 01/13/2012

If you want your fabric shades to raise and lower like a blind... then you want a cord lock.

A cord lock is a mechanism that locks your cord in place when you raise your roman shade, balloon shade or austrian shade. You pull your cords to one side to lock and to the other side to release.The cord lock is one of the most popular items in my online store www.draperysewingsupplies.com .And the most popular question asked is "How do I string a cord lock?"

The Anatomy of a Cord Lock

It's important to know about the componenets of the cord lock. That way when I explain how to thread it, you will have a better understanding.The cord lock is installed on a board, and hangs down toward the floor. The edge that faces the floor has guide wires. You could have 4 or 2 guide wires based on the kind you buy.On one side of the cord lock is a small hole and on the other side is a larger hole. Near the small hole - inside - is a small wheel. And near the larger holde - inside - is a larger wheel.

How To String A Cord Lock

1. Screw the cord lock to your mounting board so that the small hole is closest to the edge of the board and the larger hole points toward the rest of your shade. You will place the cord lock about 1 to 2" in from the outer cord. So... your board would first have the outer cord screw eye or cord idler and then the cord lock... and then the rest of your shade's cord idlers or screw eyes.

2. Thread the outer edge cord up through the center slot of the guide wires, over the small wheel and out the small opening of the Cord Lock.

3. Continue the outer edge cord through its corresponding screw eye or cord idler and then down through the shade rings.

4.  String the other lift cords through the other slots of the guide wires, trying to keep the same number of cords per slot. If one or more slots must have a higher number of cords, its best to use the slots located in the middle.

5. After the cord is threaded through the slot, the cord will go over the larger wheel and out through the larger hole.

6. Then thread the lift cords through the cord idlers and screw eyes to its shade rings... then down the shade rings.

You'll want to make sure your lift cord is long enough so that you have plenty of cord hanging from the guide wires once they are all threaded.

Tie all lift cords to its bottom ring on the shade.

With the shade lowered, tie all the cords together in one knot close to the cord lock.

Raise the roman shade
Pull the cords down to raise the shade. Then pull the cords to the outer cord to lock the shade in a raised position. Pull the cords inward to toward the center of the shade to release.

Cord locks have a reputation for being a bit fussy to string. Simply take your time, and follow these instructions and you'll have your roman shade installed in no time.

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