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Relaxed Style Roman Shade

Create this style using the Create a Custom Roman Shade Kit




Needle and Thread


Straight Pins

Steam Iron


Sewing Machine

Heavy Duty Stapler and


Wooden Board

Wooden or Metal Dowel



1. Before cutting, drape a cord or ribbon on the window to determine the relaxed, curved shape desired for the bottom of the shade. Measure the cord; this measurement will be used for cutting the shade fabric. Follow Illustration A to mark and cut the face fabric and lining. Pin fabrics right sides together and sew around side and bottom edges using a ½” seam allowance. Photo 1. Clip corners, turn and press edges neatly with an iron.

2. Starting at the bottom of the shade, sew 4 shade rings inset 1” from the edge and spaced 6” apart. Cut two pieces of Encased Lift Cord Shroud Tape; a. one piece the length of the shade and b. one piece the length + width of the shade. Take piece a. of Encased Lift Cord Shroud Tape and pull the encased cord from the tape 3” from the end. Trim away excess empty tape leaving 1” of tape below the cord. Turn under cut edge of tape and pin to the shade above the shade ring on the left, back of the shade inset ½” from the edge. Photo 2.


3. Continue to place the tape neatly on the shade, inset evenly from the bottom to the top. Pin in place, starting at the bottom of the tape, every 6” until you get to within 8-12” of the top of the shade. Pin all the way through, catching the face fabric. Repeat for the opposite side using piece b cut in step 2. Photo 3.

 Photo 1                                     Photo 2                                   Photo 3

4. Once the two pieces of tape are pinned in place, sew the tape to the shade at each pin (from step 3). Sew the outer edges of the tape using a matching thread and catching the face fabric with tiny stitches. Photo 4.


5. After the Encased Lift Cord Shroud Tape is sewn to the shade, tie the cord from the bottom of the tape to the rings at the bottom, creating three folds. Photo 5. Be certain that the knot is secure. A small dab of glue can be added to the knot to keep it from becoming untied.


6. Cover the board with a matching fabric and draw a line 2” from the front edge of the board. Staple the shade to the mount board even with the line. At the top of the shade, pull away the lift cord from the tape at the last tack points (this will be around 6-10” below the board). After the cord is removed, trim away excess tape allowing for extra to staple under the edge of the board. Photo 6.

Photo 4                                            Photo 5                                             Photo 6

7. Add a screw eye, under the board, above each row of Encased Lift Cord Shroud Tape, inset 1” from the back of the shade and approximately every 10-12” between the outer two screw eyes. Starting on the side of the shade with the shorter cord, thread the cord through the screw eye above. Repeat for the longer cord, taking it through the screw eye above and through the row of screw eyes, so that both cords are exiting the shade on the same side. Photo 7.


8. Cut a strip of lining material wide and long enough to cover the dowel, adding seam allowances. Sew long edges together and turn right sides out creating a tube. Slide the dowel into the tube and hand sew to the back of the shade at the bottom between the last two rings. Photo 8.


9. Check to make certain that the shade is leveled, by gently tugging each cord to make sure both cords are all pulling up at the same point. Insert both cords through the hole in top (larger half) of the Cord Condenser. Slide on the small, plastic washer and tie a knot below the top half of the condenser and the washer 3” below the bottom of the board. Cut away excess cord below the knot. Thread the included piece of larger lifting cord through the bottom piece of the condenser and tie a knot. Photo 9. Screw the top and bottom pieces together with the single cord hanging down. Thread the single cord through the hole on the Cord Tassel and tie a knot at the desired length. Trim away excess cord and let the tassel fall down, hiding the knot.

Photo 7                                            Photo 8                                             Photo 9

10. Install the shade with Angle Irons by screwing to the wall or window trim, setting the shade board on top and adding screws through the Angle Iron and into the board. Screw the Cord Cleat to the window trim, at as high a height as possible for use. Pull the lift cord, raising the shade and wrap the lift cords securely around the cleat.

11. The shade will not fall into perfect folds the first time it is raised up and will need to be dressed. To do this, raise your shade to the desired height and secure the cords by wrapping them around the cleat.

Straighten and smooth the folds by hand to achieve the desired look.

Tip: To determine fabric yardage


Note: Instructions are for a shade finished up to approximately 53”wide if using a material that is 54” wide.

1. Measure the length of where you would like the bottom of the shade to be on the window. This is usually around one half or two thirds of the window, from the window sill. To this measurement add 20” for the cut length.

2. Divide the cut length by 36” to determine how many yards of fabric you will need. If doing more than one window, multiply the cut length by the number of windows and then divide by 36”.


Cut Length = ___” divided by 36” = ___ yards