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Round Pillow with Buttons
This style of pillow makes a pretty addition to a bedding ensemble. 


Materials and Supplies:


18 Round Pillow Insert


Fusible Stabilizer

Pillow Template                                                                                   

Polyester Welt Cord 5/32 size

Tapestry Needle

Snap‐Together Buttons Size #60 or larger

Mattress Needle


Pillow StepbyStep:

1. Place the pillow template on the fabric and draw a circle for back of pillow 15 diameter (this includes seam allowances) on the fabric. Cut out circle. If using silk, faux silk polyester or other thin fabrics, apply Fusible Stabilizer to the back. Photo 1.

2. Cut one strip of material 11 x 52. Serge edges if needed. The pillow is now ready to assemble. Photo 2.

3. Cut bias strips from fabric and make welt cord. Apply to face of circle cut, clipping the seam allowance as you sew. Photo 3.

Photo 1                                            Photo 2                                             Photo 3

4. Apply the long cut piece (for the top of the pillow) by sewing with fabric face down and sewing snug next to the welt cord. Photo 4.

5. Stop a few inches away from where the beginning and ending meet and mark for the seam. Photo 5. Sew the two ends of fabric together, trim away excess leaving a " seam allowance and then finish sewing around the pillow next to the welt cord.

6. Turn pillow right sides out. Photo 6.

Photo 4                                            Photo 5                                             Photo 6

7. Fold over along open edge and iron under. Sew with a matching thread making a pocket Photo 7. Leave a small area unsewn.

8. Tie a long piece of cord to a tapestry needle, insert it into the small open area of the seam and feed it through the casing. Leave both ends outside of the pillow. Photo 8. Cut cord and remove the regulator.

9. Insert pillow form in the cover. Pull cord ends to gather up to the center. Photo 9. Pull tightly cinching up the fabric to the center. There will be a small opening in the center.

Photo 7                                            Photo 8                                             Photo 9

10. Cover two buttons and thread a piece of doubled shade cord through the eye of one button. Photo 10.

11. Thread the other end of the cord through a long mattress needle and pierce from the center of the front through the pillow and out the other side. Photo 11.

12. On the back, thread one cord through the eye of the button and pull the cords. Photo 12. Trim away excess cord and pillow is finished.


    Photo 10                                          Photo 11                                           Photo 12

Tip: Another idea would be to place a fabric rosette in the center instead of the button.